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(Frankly, I pitty any “nut case” who would dare tangle with their ilk). These people deserve our respect and our prayers, but admittedly (with respect to taking credit, : ) I am not one of them, especially when it concerns controversial subjects which can be hot buttons for the “mentally deranged”. At least now if you or yours wind up being a victim of a sicko reacting to something you said on hubpages you can’t say you weren’t warned.

The most expensive and newest way is to combine the filter with the lens material. This process is done by adding the filter to the lens while it is still liquid. It delivers the highest visual quality.. Ils taient vtus d’une hoqueton de lin gris, tachet par leur sueur et la poudre des chemins. Prs de la boucle de leur ceinture; mergeant d’une tui de cuir vermeil, luisait la prise d’une anelace. Des chausses rouges moulaient leurs jambes ; leurs heuses de daim, pelucheuses de poussire, avaient des talons serrs arms d’prons, sans molette..

We make this post brief and to the point: FILL OUT YOUR DAMN CENSUS. This is a message for everyone in the dorms, by the way, since most of the apartment students should have already filled it out. The census needs to count all the students living in Berkeley, but this is difficult..

But nope all everyone thinks is we have no line cant get a qb. But we do have a line. Not the best but i bet they will play better this year with flores than with gase. One said that I should replace with know how. Another one rather defensively tweeted back without ideas is just ones and zeros. To which, someone else responded without executions are just dreams.

Is there a possibility we could have a new feature that would only allow Hubpage members with profiles to send emails? I think this might cut down on the amount of spam we are currently receiving from unverified email accounts. Just a thought . I get a lot of fake watches spam with no way to opt out of their emails.

Reconstruct your T shirts into more stylish attire with this video! The materials you’ll need are a T shirt, scissors, a ruler, and a pen or pencil. First cut off part of the sleeves (this part is optional.) The next thing is to cut the neck all the away around the front and back, cutting off the border. Now it’s time to cut the bottom of the shirt right under the hem, underneath the stitching.

Many folks have asked for a status update on Galaxy Park, the park to be constructed at 132 Milky Way. The Parks department intends to include it in their 2020 Capital Budget which is being worked on right now. Parks will approach the North Star neighborhood in fall 2019 so the community can select playground equipment designs.

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