During the expansion, Park City Mountain Resort will continue to offer a wide variety of on mountain adventures throughout the summer. Located in the heart of Park City, Park City Mountain Resort is home to one of the world’s longest alpine slides, Utah’s largest Alpine Coaster, ZipRider adventures and an abundant selection of hiking and mountain biking trails served by three chairlifts. Summer activities are offered from May 22 Oct.

This sort of collaboration makes sense: Housing has partnered with Cross College Advising to transform academic advising for students who have yet to declare a major or are exploring their options. Many of those are first and second year students living in university residence halls. The CCAS is the only advising service on campus that specializes in helping undecided/exploring students.

The one thing you really need to consider is how the Oakleys mesh with your facial geometry and cycling routines. For example, I have a pair of Split Jackets with vented lenses. I bought them for cycling, but I wear them for everything but cycling, though I like them very much.

South Dakota legislation is just the most recent attempt to limit the adoption rights of same sex couples. States like North Dakota, Virginia, and Michigan have introduced similar laws targeting families of LGBT couples in recent years, while Texas and Alabama are currently considering legislation similar to SB 149. In February the Alabama Senate approved a bill that would give adoption agencies, such as Catholic Social Services, license to discriminate.

The Olympus Mons volcano is surrounded by a region called the Olympus Mons aureole (circle of light). This area has gigantic ridges and blocks that extend up until 1000 km (600 miles) from the summit. This shows the evidence of the development and resurfacing that was connected with glacial activity.

Day 2 didn’t turn out to be a casino day. I slept longer than normal and had some coffee and a donut when I awakened. And then it was 10:30. An unnamed woman recently called her boss to say she was having car troubles probably to explain why she was running late for work. As an added measure, she also sent her boss a photograph of her car’s flat tyre. However, a detail in her pic which shows a nail stuck in the tyre gave away her white lie and left most people convinced that she wasn’t facing car troubles.

NASA has an extensive plan in place to sustainably build up resources on the moon, and use that to launch further missions to Mars. It wants to build a base on the moon, called the Gateway, which would act as a stepping stone to exploring deeper into space. The organization says “exploration of the moon and Mars is intertwined,” and establishing a lunar base is an opportunity to “test new tools, instruments, and equipment that could be used on Mars.” Essentially, the moon would serve as a test drive for human journeys to Mars, since it’s significantly closer than the 34 million mile trip to the red planet..