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In this three part series of one hour each brought to you by Prannoy Roy, we look at some actual products being created, some top secret, some soon to be launched each one has something really special and mind blowing. We meet many of the actual innovators who are helping design a better world for tomorrow. This week, we talk to a founder who is also the heart and soul of The Playground: Bruce Leak, Founder and COO, Playground Global..

With Grafomap, you’re sure to spark memories of a meaningful place in Dad’s life whether it’s his hometown, where he met your mom or where he spent his college years. So chic that it functions as wall art, too, Grafomap zooms in on any location of your choice and will add custom text (think “where it all began” or “home sweet home”) as well as dates. You can choose from a slew of color palettes and fonts from crisp and modern to colorful and lively tailoring the final product to Dad’s exact aesthetic.

People in the multimillion dollar business of placing products in movies call AOL’s involvement in the movie a major marketing coup. “It’s a perfect fit,” said Norm Marshall, who heads a product placement company in North Hollywood, Calif. “It has major stars and a warm and fuzzy story.” Marshall called the movie “absolutely priceless” for the Dulles based company..

Thus, the present study used Multigroup Confirmatory Factor Analysis (MGCFA) to examine the IGDS9 SF measurement invariance across gamers from the United States of America (USA), India, and the United Kingdom (UK). A total of 1,013 gamers from the USA (n = 405), India (n = 336), and the UK (n = 272) were recruited. Although the one factor structure of the IGD construct was supported, cross country variations were demonstrated considering the way that this was reflected on items assessing preoccupation/salience, tolerance, deception, gaming escapism/mood modification, as well as daily activities’ impairment related to gaming.

Purpose: Hunting and gathering is the defining subsistence strategy of our species, and accordingly, studying how foragers earn these skills is essential to the understanding of the evolution key human traits such as life history, cognition, and social behaviour. Though foragers live in a wide variety of ecosystems, and have different cultures, most studies of knowledge transmission are conducted on individual societies. However, cross cultural studies are needed to extrapolate forager wide trends in how, when, and from whom hunter gatherer children learn.Results: Learning subsistence skills begins early in infancy, when parents take children on foraging expeditions and give children toy versions of tools.

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