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3/8/18 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES COMMISSION Return to Lead with the Following Recommendation(s) to the BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS Recommendation: Take down the current monuments and thus prevent gloriying the so called “Lost Cause” movement by the repetition of the names of the confederate soldiers. The removed monuments should be given to the Wisconsin Historical Society for storage. No new monuments or markers should be erected in their place.

At the same time, the number of additional deaths reported by state on Feb. 8 topped 100. And the percentage of positive tests reported jumped from 7.4% yesterday to 8.6% today.. President Trump fired acting attorney general Sally Yates on Monday night after she ordered Justice Department lawyers not to defend his immigration order temporarily banning entry into the United States for citizens of seven Muslim majority countries and refugees from around the world. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Boente said he would enforce the president’s directive until he was replaced by Trump’s attorney general nominee, Sen.

Sure, there’s idiots not wearing masks and we can discuss whether that makes us “fucked” but how can we handle that situation under our constitution? I live in a super liberal state and we can’t even push for mandatory mask wearing with punishments. Liberal New York City has a 7000+ Jewish wedding without masks, indoor, and was only given a 15k fine. That’s $3 per person.

The gross volume of the proposed building is out of scale for the south side of the 800 block, a block with mostly intact historic structures. Unlike other recent proposals for development on the south side of Williamson (739 and 803), the new building proposed to replace the MTI building fills the entire 66′ parcel plus part of an additional half parcel. The proposed new building with a faade ranging from 60′ front 80′ back has a larger footprint and street frontage than the surrounding fabric and historic pattern of development on the south side of Williamson..

CNN Brian Stelter asked Dominion spokesman Michael Steel about the lawsuits on Sunday, including if any new ones are imminent. “I not here to make news on that front, but let me say this: Mike Lindell is begging to be sued, and at some point, we may well oblige him,” Steel said. Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, paid for three hours of airtime Friday on One America News Network to broadcast a show he produced about his voting conspiracy theories.

Alessandro Sartori, the house’s creative director, doesn’t so much proffer a catwalk show as curate a moment and a mood. So the new digital way of doing things, while we patiently await the vaccine rollout, doesn’t lend itself naturally to his way of messaging. That said, the brand has gone further than most in exploring the capabilities of a 2D presentation, and its autumn/winter 21 show came with a script entitled Re(set) and an immersive catwalk film of models wending their way around new, emerging areas of Milan..

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