Kameshwaran Janarthanan, 36, Chennai: Comparatively, Chennai may have lesser pollution than Delhi, but it getting worse day by day. The increase in vehicles and the fact that Chennai is the only industrial destination in Tamil Nadu isn helping the situation either. Kgs of dust get settled inside homes which is causing a lot of respiratory illnesses in kids and elder people.

Snow and ice: Slow and steady is the order of the day, and you need to be on high alert in unpredictable snowy and icy conditions. One tip is to start off in second gear, which reduces wheel spin. Avoid sudden braking and acceleration, and if you do get stuck in the snow, use your diff lock (if available) or alternate between reverse and acceleration, which will help you gain enough traction to extricate your wheels..

It’s called tort reform tort law covers a wide range of “personal injury” lawsuits against businesses (or individuals).McConnell has signaled that COVID 19 corporate immunity is his “red line” for considering another much needed economic stimulus package. In effect, he is holding hostage besieged state and local governments, which are targeted to receive up to $500 billion in aid in a package passed by the House in mid May. McConnell has already made clear his willingness to let states go bankrupt rather than provide them federal assistance.Exactly what immunity would consist of hasn’t been spelled out, but the basic idea is that plaintiffs would need to show that companies either intended to put employees at risk or consciously disregarded a known hazard.

To this day, geeks have hypothetical conversations over super powers. I’m convinced that these are also the same conversations that get tossed around the Marvel and DC Comics bullpens. After all, in order to write a convincingly good story, you really need to examine not only the positive aspects of those abilities but also the negative ones and the down sides..

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Setting custom notifications can single out the truly important information, but can be time consuming to set up and can be impolite in social situations.The ORBneXt is an updated version of the Orb art piece/single pixel notifier created by Ambient Devices in its early days. It’s a hand held, easy to use accessory that can sync up with any phone wirelessly and display notification information through a series of ambient colors. The ORBneXt is made with a stylish Japanese glass housing, and has an easily modifiable brain in addition to its flexible IFTTT enabled app.No matter how hard people try, it seems like once high school and university are complete, it’s hard to maintain the same level of friendship with people.