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It’s a major issue because Tesla is sitting on a ton of debt and the bills are due soon. Net debt (debt minus cash) has nearly doubled to $9.2 billion over the past year. Goldman Sachs says Tesla’s balance sheet is “concerning” for an auto company.

Almost every time I gone spend, it turns out my wallet is obsolete. Sometimes this can be solved with an update, but more often it turns out that I need a new software and sweep my keys into it. Which means finding a wifi connection, learning about what the latest hip thing the kids are using, and doing some checks to make sure I not being fooled by malware.

Bell ended the 2019 regular season leading the Big Ten with 53 receptions for 625 yards and a conference best eight receiving touchdowns and 8.8 receptions per game. In 18 career games at Purdue, Bell has 139 receptions for 1,660 receiving yards and 15 touchdown catches. He is currently tied with teammate Rondale Moore for fourth in school history with 10 career games with 100 or more receiving yards..

Sometimes people said it looked like I got struck by lightning, because my hair was so big, like insinuating that I got electrocuted. Or my mother, like most mothers and especially the Black mothers, in the Black community you want your children to look acceptable. You want your children to look presentable so they’re not out in the world embarrassing you.

I’ve heard this before. I have zero evidence beyond personal experience.If you want it dry and crispy, it needs to be as dry as possible when it goes in, adding any liquid means the skin will get steamed until it is evaporated.Maybe there’s a sweet spot where the steam will render the fat from the skin and then evaporate to leave the skin to crisp. Or maybe this is something specific to pork skin.

At some point, we’ve all underestimated the power of the sun on an overcast day and deeply regretted it. Fix your aversion to sunscreen by using an option you actually like, be it a scent or texture that works for you. I been going through a healthy rotation of several non greasy mists that provide even coverage, my favourite being Coola organic and fragrance free take on sunscreen (trending editor Amanda Tarlton notes it one of the most popular sunscreen varieties on the market right now and stays put for up to 80 minutes)..

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