Are we taking crazy pills?! That is the only reasonable explanation we can seem to come up with after failing to hear Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany’s name read in the Best Actress in a Drama category. Girlfriend tackles six roles better than most actors can handle one. This is a crime against TV! Clone Club, we’re calling a vent session, stat.We basically want to challenge all Emmy voters to a duel after they failed to nominate New Girl’s Jake Johnson, who gave one of the best, if not the best, male comedic performance of the year.

They are information marketers. They make their money selling information. There is nothing wrong with that, if it is good information at a fair price.. Hundreds of American companies have offices there, and about 85,000 American citizens live in Hong Kong. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo notified Congress this ;past week that the administration no longer regards Hong Kong as autonomous from mainland China. To withdraw its preferential trade and financial status in consultation with Congress.

Photography has always been a passion of mine ever since I was young. By the time I reached my mid twenties I always had a camera/video camera in my hands. All my friends and family knew I would document any occasion if I was around. AbstractObjectives: Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes urine output criteria for acute kidney injury lack specificity for identifying patients at risk of adverse renal outcomes. The objective was to develop a model that analyses hourly urine output values in real time to identify those at risk of developing severe oliguria. Was a retrospective cohort study utilizing prospectively collected data.

SCHWINGENSCHLOEGL, Emma In loving memory and Celebration of Emma Schwingenschloegl’s home going December 9, 1924 August 15, 2011 Emma was born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, the fourth child of Arno and Margaret Morgenstern. In 1925, she moved with her parents to Maidstone. In 1932, the family moved to Loon Lake where she spent her early life.

Merry Olde EnglandIn England we all speak like the Queen (or a cockney chimney sweep), live in either a castle or a thatched cottage, with no hot water but lots of dogs. Our lives are usually spent in the pub, or a tearoom, where we shelter from the perpetual rain and dense fog. We provide Hollywood with villains but don’t bother much with dentists.

Firstly, let me say this column started out quite differently. You see, I began writing it more than a week ago, and since then life has certainly changed in my house, as I am sure it has in yours. Frankly, things have changed so much, I wasn’t sure I would even get this column written, what with spring break and now school closures (I’m writing it in 10 minute increments, as it is).