Students in South Los Angeles surveyed homelessness among their peers, convened social service agencies on campus to publicize their resources, and opened a food pantry on campus.Who should own photos of slaves? The descendants, not Harvard, a lawsuit saysAnemona Hartocollis, The New York TimesThe two slaves, a father and daughter, were stripped to the waist and positioned for frontal and side views. Then, like subjects in contemporary mug shots, their pictures were taken, as part of a racist study arguing that black people were an inferior race. Almost 170 years later, they are at the center of a dispute over who should own the fruits of American slavery.

For individual and businesses who need more room as new gadgets pile up, storage units are a great option. Unfortunately, not all storage units are safe for electronics and other sensitive objects. Water damage, corrosion from humidity, and temperature extremes can ruin many electronics, especially when it comes to computers and circuit board based components.This article discusses why dedicated digital audio players are still commonly used despite the widespread ownership of smartphones.

Third, if you planned on taking it to Grandma house be prepared to carry the whole box. There is not a pouch for the bricks nor is there a carry on bag for the game board. Lastly, given the hefty price tag of $29.99 it seems a little bit too high for only 144 bricks with no carry on bag..

He then noticed there were zones in certain cultures where bacteria were not growing and it turned out the fungi were causing those germ free zones. After isolating an extract he identified it as part of the Penicillium genus, hence the name. It is used to treat stuff like cellulitis, endocarditus, gonorrhea, meningitis, pneumonia, and syphilis.

She and others called 911 to report the shooting, and it Austin statements on the call and when talking with police at the scene that are the basis of the defense attorneys position. In the call, Austin blamed the shooting on the angered girlfriend. When Saginaw Police Officer Jeffrey Wenzell arrived, Austin told him the angered girlfriend was driving her burgundy Ford Taurus with at least one other person in the car and that multiple people from the car opened fire on Johnson as they drove by..

Tierney is pretending to miss the point of recycling completely. Arguing over the percentages of waste of energy cost is arguing over margins of the two things that won run out. The earth and it oil, on the other hand, are finite, and we starting to see their limits..