The first minuteThe VA’s suicide report revealed that former service members age 55 and older accounted for 58 percent of the veterans who died by suicide three years ago. But the rate of suicide ran highest among veterans age 18 to 34, the generation that has borne the heaviest burden in the country’s post 9/11 wars. In that demographic, suicide claimed 39 veterans per 100,000 people, compared with 25 veterans in the age group 55 to 74..

Witnessing the evolution of Marcus Fizer as a basketball player under coach Cartwright, I am wondering if the departure of Tim Floyd had anything to do with this. What was Floyd’s relationship with Fizer like off the court compared to on the court? Fizer seems more comfortable under Cartwright and it just seems ironic that Fizer plays his best ball when his friend off the court, Tim Floyd, is not coaching him. How do you feel about this? Elliot Gaynon, La Canada, Calif..

We are on the cusp of a new world order. The future is fearsome and fascinating. It looks entirely novel yet eerily familiar at the same time, representing visions of both utopia and dystopia paradoxically enough. Certain VIZIO Theater 3D TVs will feature SRS StudioSound HD the ultimate all in one audio suite designed specifically for Flat Panel TVs. Years of excellence in audio, practical experience, and patented technologies allow StudioSound HD to deliver the most immersive and natural surround sound ever using built in TV speakers. The suite also delivers remarkably crisp and clear dialog, rich bass, an elevated sound stage and consistent, spike free volume levels.

Reed penchant for big projects bankrolled by bloated bond issues would saddle the city, and later the Harrisburg School District, with hundreds of millions in debt. Meanwhile, bond lawyers, banks and financial advisers handpicked by Reed would pocket big fees. These paydays only compounded when city debt would inevitably be refinanced, sometimes repeatedly, as Reed stretched out the payments further and further into the future..

105(6):2034 9 (2008). Butcher, W. Bird, K. Percy Boyd and Cal CampbellOn April 6 just after midnight, the Gang ended up in Commerce, Oklahoma. There were thunderstorms and heavy rains to compound matters, which added even more stress to driving. They couldn’t get to a more isolated spot, either, so they all slept in the car, with hopes that the weather would clear and they would resume travel in the morning under better conditions.

Meditation is more like a natural filter that keeps us from being swept away by stress and worries. Most people feel stressed at some point in their lives. In the most extensive study on stress levels in the UK, the Mental Health Foundation reported that 74% of UK adults have experienced stress and feel unable to cope.