“Almost every college that has looked at this issue feels they can do a better job of protecting their students by banning guns on campus and taking responsibility to provide good security,” says Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington. “I’m not sure any campus would like to advertise, ‘Come to our campus. We have more guns per capita than any other campus.’ “.

I got Siobhan to draw lots of these faces and then write down next to them exactly what they meant. I kept the piece the piece of paper in my pocket and took it out when I didn’t understand what someone was saying. But it was very difficult to decide which of the diagrams was most like the face they were making because people’s faces move very quickly..

It was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted alternative to typical government meetings, and one befitting a laid back beach town. The city commission of Madeira Beach, Florida, a coastal community of nearly 4,500 on a barrier island facing the Gulf of Mexico, had decided to hold a special outdoor meeting during the King of the Beach fishing tournament in November 2012. The main order of business: honoring a sister city in the Bahamas..

Think you go across this league and you talk to every coach and every player, forward Joe Harris said, dealing with a young, up and coming team is much different than coaching superstar players, and everybody kind of realizes that it a much different dynamic. And I wouldn say that the reason why we in this position right now, but it is different. Jacque Vaughn will serve as coach for the rest of the season.

Excited by the thrill of discovery, the group heads down one of the leafy trails, until Slaughter spots a crack in the rocky hill above. He and the students climb up the slope. With their backs pressed against the hard opening, Slaughter grabs a handful of dirt and sifts through it, uncovering a vole skull as small as a nickel and a bat bone as thin as a leaf vein.

Physical space what are the dimensions you have available? Keep in mind that you need to be able to move around your containers, as well as be able to shift them, as needed. Do you have a sturdy railing? Perhaps you can place rail planters on them, or hang them on the outside of your rail. Is there a fire exit that needs to be kept clear? Do you have a roof/ceiling/overhang above your balcony? Is your balcony made of concrete or wood? The weight of soil filled containers can quickly add up, and you want to be sure your balcony can hold it.