After the Civil War, northern timber companies invaded the south, devastating old growth forests that were home to the elusive bird. As farmland encroached upon the ivory bill’s habitat, swamps drained, and the ecosystem that harbored the ivory bill destroyed, sightings of the bird became more infrequent. In some circles, the announcement of a sighting of an ivory bill will be met with greater skepticism that if you claimed you were swept up by a flying saucer..

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We stayed in a hostel type place called Grandpapa, which wasn overly expensive and provided breakfast every morning. The people who worked there were very nice (as is the norm in Japan, such nice people) and it is situated relatively close to everything, there are more central places for sure, but not a long walk to the shuttle bus at all, and not far to bars and restaurants either. Lots of places to stay in Hirafu and everything is within walking distance, earlier you book the better though..

A narrowed gap in opinion polls over the previous two months showed the Conservatives with 37 per cent of the vote and Labour with 32 per cent (although Tory tax cut promises seem to be widening the gap again as the poll date approaches). An election result with those figures could still give Labour 294 seats to 277 for the Conservatives.Such a result could bring into play the third party in British politics, the Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg and including the respected economic spokesman Vince Cable. The system hits them particularly hard: the Lib Dems scored 23 per cent of the vote at the last election and got only 10 per cent of the seats.What would be the impact of a hung parliament on the UK?Either of the major parties might need the Lib Dems’ support to govern.

With all the media attention on the flu, and emphasis on getting the flu shot, confusion and worry arises over how to tell if you have a common cold or the flu. “The flu” is a bit of a catch all term for similar illnesses, and there is more than one variety. There is a milder flu, more seasonal in nature, and there is the much publicized “H1N1” also known as “Swine Flu.”.