We would love to say District Tap’s 60 beer offerings are the only reason we dine there, but this place is more than beer. You’ll find the classics on the menu like hot wings, soft braided pretzels and sliders, but some of their main dishes are loved by many. At District Tap you can try a double bone in 14 oz center cut pork chop, Cajun spiced chicken and waffles, a variety of tap street tacos and mac and cheese pots.

What is art? Defining art and judging the quality of art have been the preoccupations of human beings for millennia. The New Webster’s Dictionary defines art as “the use of the imagination to make things of aesthetic significance.” Wikipedia probes further and tells us art is the “process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.” This leads to the question of establishing objective criteria for defining art. Is art a process or a result? Does an inherent connection exist between art and beauty? Is art anything we say it is? Is it intended to be appreciated or enjoyed? Should it have a function beyond its appreciation?.

Software updates managed to elevate the Ektra from borderline unusable to mere mediocrity, but consumers weren’t exactly rushing out to spend $400 on a camera focused phone that took bad pictures. Oh, and the phone parts of the phone were slow and clunky too. Man, we expected better from a photography company that frantically pivoted to shady cryptocurrency schemes..

Today PaperCanberra jockey Kayla Nisbet looks set to miss Sunday meet at Thoroughbred Park because of a possible fractured lower leg. Nisbet right foot made contact with a gate ahead of race seven at Gundagai on Friday and she was taken to hospital for scans. It means Stawell trainer Dane Smith is looking for another jockey to ride Chequer Hill in the inaugural Road to Jericho (3400 metres).

“Spending on digital promotions is expected to boom, growing from $32.2 billion this year to $80.3 billion in 2017,” said Robert Craig, CEO of 3TL. “We’ve positioned Snap3 to capitalize on that growth by providing the technology to facilitate in store point of sales digital rewards while acquiring valuable consumer data. Our team is targeting the USA market where major retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and consumer product companies are looking for ways to improve return on investment on increasing digital marketing budgets.”About DigitalFoodDigitalFood is an app exclusively designed for Food4Less and Foods Co.