Couple out of the box ones:Lost Languages Andrew Robinson. Starts with the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs, Mayan hieroglyphs, and “Minoan” Linear B, then goes into detail about many still undeciphered writing systems. Existing examples, what been studied and tried, the personalities of people involved, etc.

We can think, for example, about Affirmative Action as a sacrificial policy: we place a certain number of less qualified members of “protected classes” into positions with the predictable result that a certain number of lives and certain amount of wealth will be lost, and we do this to appease the furies of racial hatred that have led to civil war in the past. But the fact that the policy is sacrificial, and not “rational,” is proven by the lack of any limits to the policy. No one can say when the policy will end, even hypothetically, nor can anyone say what forms of “inequality” or past “sins” it can’t be used to remedy.

Then there’s: “Choose fresh food over processed.” Making the latter directive easier, the EatWell pod strives to make plant based menu options more accessible at UCLA dining venues. They’ve also established a healthy vending operation that has influenced vending policies across the University of California campuses. Based on a study in the Netherlands, UCLA began placing healthier vending fare at eye level and raising the price of less healthy items.

The tongue the Angles spoke, and their grammar was simpler and more straightforward than that of the Saxons, and similar to the Danes’ ( look where they came from on a map of Northern Europe. The Jutes/Danes in the Jutland peninsula, with Slesvig, now Schleswig Holstein, to the south and the Saxons around the base of the peninsula with one group in Frisia/Lower Saxony Friesland/Niedersachsen to the south west and the Upper Saxons Obersachsen further east). The written medium of the Saxon Chronicle and poetry has precious little to do with what was spoken, and later in the 11 12th Century the vernacular of the Anglo Danes was used in the Peterborough Chronicle, due to the abbey being well inside Anglo Danish territory and the scribes mixing with their peers beyond the walls of the abbey.

The team drafted LSU RB Clyde Edwards Helaire at No. 32 overall. It was a move that excited Coach McCullough, who stayed in touch with Edwards Helaire throughout the pre draft process. While the sector is expected to contract in the near term due to labour shortages amidst more stringent restrictions during COVID 19, our research suggests a strong rebound in the sector as Singapore emerges from the pandemic and Circuit Breaker measures. This bodes well for the industrial sector.Colliers International, a global leader in commercial real estate services, on May 29 released its Resilience and Rebound Ranking Report, identifying the most attractive industries over the past crises, the implications and opportunities for commercial real estate sectors post coronavirus pandemic.In assessing seven core trade sectors in Singapore , financials, construction, professional services, hospitality, retail and technology Colliers Research considered three factors, GDP growth, stock index returns and earnings outlook.Ms. Tricia Song, Head of Research for Singapore at Colliers International, said, “We recommend investors to focus on prime offices and industrial buildings, such as hi spec space and business parks.