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Despite graduates’ limited job choices at the moment, Ms. Marshall says, “I’m really satisfied with the education I got here,” particularly because of the small classes. Like many members of the Class of 2009, this sociology/anthropology major expects to spend time volunteering, perhaps with AmeriCorps, before finding paid work amid the economic funk.

The news figures of the 1950s were larger than life. Two of the giants were John Cameron Swayze of NBC’s Camel News Caravan and Dave Garroway of the Today Show. The “Swayze” game was issued by Milton Bradley in 1955, honoring the man who had pioneered the role of the television news anchor.

Donald Trump has referred to Citizen Kane as his favorite movie, which seems suspicious coming from a man known to fast forward through the boring talking parts of Bloodsport. After all, Citizen Kane is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest movies ever made with legions of dedicated fans who fully intend to watch it one of these days, if there’s time and nothing new on Netflix. But Trump, astonishingly, really does seem to have watched the movie, or at least read the Cliffnotes.

MY TEN SELECTED PAGESAll of these ten articles are easy to read, many contain interesting information, and some explore theories for debate. I’ve tried to include hubs which cover different themes. Two pages are directly associated with native American / colonial relations in North America.

Christmas is over and we started to clean up the house today and take down the decorations. The tree was our last item to tackle. As I took a break this morning, I looked at the tree and yes, I HDR it and even tried an Infrared Photo (which was not good enough).

Ella no hab hecho nada m que caminar la tierra desde M a Texas. No agredi a nadie, no fue agresiva: solo estaba all en un momento equivocado. Los oficiales migratorios abrieron fuego a un grupo de migrantes que cruzaba la frontera sin armas ni agresividad y cay muerta en el suelo..

Police in St. Louis were investigating the death of a protester who climbed between two trailers of a Fed Ex truck and was killed when it drove away. And a person was killed in the area of protests in downtown Detroit just before midnight after someone fired shots into an SUV, officers said.