Don’t hate your tenants! You have to think of them as business partners. You need to do everything in your power to keep them staying and paying. Remember, your paying tenants allow you to have cash flow, live life on your terms, and be financially free.

The government alleges Oakley and Daniels conspired to commit bankruptcy fraud by filing false documents and falsely persuading creditors and a bankruptcy court judge that the federal excise tax refunds received by Michigan Biodiesel were legitimate. Specifically, Oakley created a “toll processing agreement” between his company and Tall Pine Trading in 2011 and falsely dated it for December 2008, according to the indictment. Daniels signed the agreement as if it had been drafted and signed in 2008..

With Mars in Leo Jane ideal man was someone who put himself center stage fits Hickok with Juno exact conjunct Neptune at 10 Pisces in the 12th, Jane may have been totally deluded about what was truly empowering to her; as well, the partner image, shown by the sign opposite Juno, suggests that a man who was critical and judgmental may have felt Pisces and the 12th probably only contributed to the tendency to long for connection and yet sabotage it through her feelings of rebellion and separateness. Finally we should note Chiron in Capricorn, opposed Venus,square the Moon (emotional hurt as a in life), trinePluto (fueling the Self destructive urges), Uranus (rebellion from hurt!), Saturn (conformity hurts too!), and Mercury (communication as wounding instrument) all of these in contact with Chiron could also promise support to the Capricorn themed skills, once awakened. Chiron also makes a wide quincunx (more than 1.5 degrees, less than 2) to Zeus, which suggests that, at least mentally and emotionally(and perhaps stemming from early life sexual violations) Jane was continually adjusting to the sense of assault, and the ambitious wilfulness, of someone like Hickok, to her own detriment..

This is a guy who does a good job controlling the strike zone. Obviously, the talent is apparent, the bat speed, the power We saw those things. So it’s about taking advantage of the opportunity. One thing I will never forget was that as you walkedon path through the trees, the Cherry Blossom petals would fall every so gently to the ground like a feather. You would get quite a few falling as you walked and it was just so sureal. I had a trememdous smile on my face and awondeful memory to have! A visit I will never forget!.