I also own a golliwog doll as the only souvenir I brought back from UK that I found in an antique store (or tourist gift shop?) next to a castle in Wales. I bought it the same week a British runway model made the news for punching someone who called her a golliwog. It so ridiculously racist of a caricature that I both think it funny and yet I have it hidden in the basement..

These come as a set with the frame and the matching clip on. They are much nicer than the generic clip on sunglasses that are made to work with any frame and literally clip on to them. The magnetics are getting hard to find, though. Joe Palmer Gets Even with Wayne McNabbJoe Palmer arranged the furlough for Wayne McNabb, who left Eastham on a pass late February. Palmer was waiting for his revenge, and Clyde came to help out. He felt obligated, and palmer was too weak to handle everything himself.

Interview with ZeusGreek mythology has always fascinated me. How about you? I enjoy reading those fantastic stories about the gods on Mount Olympus and their internecine warfare as well as intergalactic love affairs. I saw the film, “The Immortals,” and was thinking about Zeus and his brother and sister gods when I fell asleep last night..

Olyphant has also voiced animated characters on FX’s animated series Archer as well as a Clint Eastwood type character in the animated feature film Rango. On the series Archer he plays an old friend of Archer’s who has gone rogue. It seems his feelings for Archer go a little deeper than friendship.

When I checked in they told me that Tom Cruise was filming the movie Valkyrie. A movie based upon actual events that was about a plot to assassinate Hitler during the height of WWII. It is out on DVD now hope to see it soon. But you don’t have time for a prolonged investigation. You’ve got to hunt down a working ticket machine so you don’t miss your train. There are a few in the middle of the station, nestled between more lines, and some a longer walk away, past the shops by the Amtrak ticketing counter.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar was so powerful that the NCAA outlawed dunking. Kareem invented the skyhook shot in response, and it’s been called the most unstoppable move in basketball history. Shaq was so supreme he inspired a new NBA tactic called The concept was simple: If Shaq caught the ball underneath the basket, the other team would hack him.

I invested in a few plants and placed them where I like to sit of an evening; Lavender and Citronella worked for me. I also hung hanging baskets with ordinary Mint and Basil in a few different locations; on the porch; over the main entrance; in the bathroom and by the kitchen window. I planted Rosemary around my little patio area too (my lamb chops have never tasted so good)..