People can thrive when they don have access to affordable and reliable energy. World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim, said it well, people don have access to electricity, their world of possibilities narrows. Is not only essential to meeting basic human needs, but to people physical well being, emotional development, and social mobility.

Oh, Anderson with a mistake. Tomac trying to check out. And behind them come a pair of KTMs. Since then, it’s reached legendary status, the kind of mythic superfilm that fired Terrence Malick’s early career. Indeed, both Malick and Hellman work the same existential angst into their films, mixing the mundane (cars, cowboys, killers) with a not so nouvelle vague mindset that plays off the American id like so much buckshot off bone. Two Lane Blacktop, starring a young James Taylor, Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson, and Hellman regular Warren Oates, is about cars and speed, but Hellman being the auteur that he is, it’s also about a lot more than that.

At the top of the Photoshop Elements screen, choose “Create” and then click the “Photo Layout” option. This opens a Photo Layout Wizard and you have a number of options on this screen. First, you need to select the size of the page you want to create.

She’s not a bad person at all, in fact she can be quite funny and kind when she’s in a good mood, other time you never know what you’re going to get. I see how the other co workers communicate to her and she is as friendly as can be, but when I try to share something with her or just talk to her about anything, I kind of get the cold shoulder and no responds, I usually don’t take this personally, but today it was weighing heavy on my heart so I felt like I needed to say something to her. Once she was in her office I asked her, “Do I make you feel uncomfortable?”, she questioned that as if I said something crazy then responded, “Why because I choose not to give you the time of day?”, which was beyond what I was thinking, I just wanted to understand why she was giving me the silent treatment for no reason, so what I said was, “No it’s just when I try to talk to you; you get quiet!”, I mainly said this so she would ponder over her actions, and I wanted to see if she would tell me the truth or not, so she said, “You don’t make me uncomfortable, I just choose who I want to socialize with, I socialize with people I have something in common with!” I’m not going to type here and lie and say that those words didn’t burn, they stung worst than a bee sting, but afterwards, I was kind of relieved, relieved to know that my presents didn’t make her feel some type of way, I’m just not the type of person she sees herself socializing with on a daily bases, it could probably have something to also do with my age and my looks, I’m 30 years old but I look 20, so she’s probably judging by my appearance as well, and I done nothing for her to be this way towards me except do my job and treat her with the up most respect as my boss.