Inside I was faced with a mountain of polystyrene packaging chips, which I rummaged around in hoping to find the mystery contents of the parcel. After a few moments it became obvious it wasn’t going to be so easily located, so I carefully began to scoop out handfuls of the polystyrene chips on to the desk. Eventually I reached the bottom of this large box, by which time I was surrounded by multicoloured polystyrene chips, and looked like I had been snowed in behind the reception desk.

Raymond Braun: Just because you identify with one letter within the broader LGBTQ+ umbrella doesn’t mean you inherently understand the challenges or the lived experiences of other people who represent different letters within the LGBTQ umbrella. It really underscored the importance of talking to and being in a community with each other and developing personal relationships with people who have identities and experiences and backgrounds that are wildly different from our own. I think through those conversations, those friendships, those relationships we can more naturally learn how to empathize with each other and be allies for each other..

Lenovo is set to unveil a new model in its K series on August 9. A teaser posted to social media channels seems to indicate that the device will be called K8 Note, not K7 Note which would be the expected next number in the series. It also seems likely that this model will feature dual rear cameras in order to better compete with other phones in the value segment in India.

The more time you can meet with your teacher, the better. During the actual competition, spend all your money on candy and magic cards and do not attend any of the events you so diligently prepared for. When confronted by your teacher as to why you didn’t attend any of the competition, just tell them, “I feel like you didn’t prepare me enough.”.

The aim of the analysis was to interpret and make sense of the students experiences of the module within the context of professional development. The significant categories of sense of self , learning how to learn and professional knowledge were formed and a sequence of events was postulated as to how processes involved in reflective learning might facilitate movement from the competent to proficient to expert level of practice7. The categories sense of self and learning how to learn are now explored with respect to professional learning and contextualised within the work of Mezirow8..

George Croghan (1718 1782), Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County: An emigrant from Ireland in the mid 18th century, Croghan established one of the largest and most effective trade networks in America. He started a trading business in Cumberland County but soon became an Indian agent for the British in Ohio Country. His mastery of Native American relations allowed him to expand trade across the lower half of Pennsylvania and into Ohio.