This leaves a distinctive pattern on the paper. I chose the Classic Laid because it has texture to hold the paint and has a finish so the paint doesn’t soak directly into the paper too quickly. The good watercolor paper keeps most of the paint on the surface and doesn’t allow it to soak through.

There are hundreds of artists out there trying to draw like Arina Tanemura, and I wonder to what extent this is the result of (1) editorial pressure, (2) artists who actually want to draw like this, or (3) artists pre modifying their style to suit expected editorial pressure, because that’s what shojo manga is “expected” to look like, with the flowers and the sparkly lights and the big eyes. (Of course, there are hundreds of shonen manga artists influenced by Takeshi Obata and Akira Toriyama, but somehow, Shonen Jump has more visual variety, at least on the surface.)On the other hand, there are some shojo magazines have a less confining definition of what shojo manga should look like. CLAMP, possibly the most famous manga artists to switch back and forth between shojo and shonen, published early work in both of them before moving on to higher circulation mags.

I hope what I have laid out so far to is not to difficult to understand. I’ve made it a simple as I can explain it. However, this is not the end of the story. I am tremendously impressed by Gil creative and unique viewpoint as a design mediat artist. He is able to branch out and composed interdisciplinary works the giant six string guitar and wiggle are only two representative works that partcularly stood out to me. The deconstruction of the usual six stringed guitar may seem nonsensical at first glance; yet after listening to Gil inspiration for the peice, it truly demonstrates a amazingly creative treatment of musical instruments the deconstruction of the guitar allows an exponential increase in the possibility of the sounds created by the instrument.

Another new project for the Flames in the ’90s was the purchase of a local junior team, the Western Hockey League Calgary Hitmen. That affiliation continues today under the banner of the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC). Launched in 2012, CSEC is now the parent company for five sports franchises owned by the corporation: the Flames, Calgary Hitmen, Calgary Roughnecks, Calgary Stampeders and the Stockton Heat of the American Hockey League..

I ran in high school and partway through undergrad before a knee injury took me out (I thought) permanently. I didn run for 14 years and really missed it, but as I had always enjoyed cycling, I started doing that again. Coworkers got me into the then relatively young sport of mountain biking, and I found I wanted a competitively outlet again, so I started racing.