A dog relies on its fur to help regulate their own body temperature depending on the temperature. Some dogs, who were designed to go into water, have a sort of waterproof fur. Dogs like the retrievers and Newfoundlands have waterproof like fur. In August of 2014, he was the first network reporter on the scene of the racially charged police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and led the network’s coverage of the story. He was also part of ABC News’ Murrow Award winning reporting team that covered the Baltimore riots in 2015 after the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. That same year, Osunsami led coverage of the racially explosive police shooting death of Walter Scott in South Carolina and the mass shooting by a white supremacist at a historic black church in Charleston where nine black parishioners were killed.

As well as the lions; Gir is also home to leopards, striped hyenas, and smaller carnivores such as mongooses. The open grasslands are home to chital and sambar deer, wild boar, chinkara gazelles, and two species of antelope. To the north of Gir, is the Dhrangadhra Sanctuary, home to the endangered Asiatic wild ass, the ancestor of the donkey..

Her time of the interview was 1:30 pm. The Consular Officer from the first window took her fingerprints. Keily already had submitted earlier the application processing fee, a copy of her passport and her application with a recent photo.. Otherwise, I reflected a lot over the last 3 years on the things I do and how I do them. In short, one thing I need to enforce in myself is only investing myself personally in stuff I can feel is worthwhile and creates value or is otherwise interesting. I can work a corporate job for long, I get fired and become depressed.

The temporary success isn’t sustainable, but we’re likely to see the song stay high up the download charts as long as the video remains a YouTube phenomenon. At the very least, the unexpected side effects of the viral video certainly provide an interesting case study as to what the social web can do for a tarnished personal brand. Care to share your thoughts on the video’s effect on Chris Brown’s image and Forever? Leave us a comment..

King Kong may live at the Denver Zoo!! Luckily this BIG guy was on the other side of this thick glass. I had never seen a gorilla up this close. I am impressed! Not sure how much he weighed, but I am guessing 500 700 lbs. What are NOT valid reasons to create? Artists sometimes claim they don’t need a reason to produce art, but I am uncertain how the creative process sustains itself without a motivating force. Some seem convinced they are an elemental force, painting because nature abhors a vacuum. I laugh at such chatter, recognizing that our planet is full and rich with natural beauty which ceaselessly captivates our mind and senses if we are attuned to it.