But if a J. Crew retail store closes 10,000 square feet, it a big deal. Big real estate crash is coming. Wyatt Earp pistol that he kept in the Oriental Saloon in Tombstone in the Arizona Territory is displayed at Mayor Stephen Reed office, Thursday, July 10, 2003, in Harrisburg, Pa. Reed has spent nearly $5 million on artifacts for an Old West museum he wants to establish in the city. The spending spree has spurred calls for the resignation of the head of the agency that gave Reed the money..

The best selling book “Hamilton: The Revolution” describes how Miranda, a history buff, took a copy of Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton on vacation. Miranda was amused that the names of some of the Revolutionary War heroes, such as Hercules Mulligan, sounded like modern hip hop stars. Ideas kept coming, and Miranda envisioned a concept album called “The Hamilton Mixtape.” He premiered a song from it at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music and the Spoken Word in 2009, attended by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Finally shot I have always wanted to try!!!! The American Bald Eagle is the symbol is the United States of America. I have always seen shots form other people and was hopeful one day to get mine! We were in Myrtle Beach for vacation and I had wanted to visit the famous Brookgreen Gardens. I will post am HDR shot and tell you more details soon.

He wants his job back and a full investigation.The Department of Health and Human Services issued a terse statement saying that Bright was transferred to the National Institutes of Health to work on coronavirus testing, a crucial assignment. “We are deeply disappointed that he has not shown up to work on behalf of the American people and lead on this critical endeavor,” HHS spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley said.According HHS, Bright has not reported to his new post. But his spokeswoman said that Bright is on sick leave, following his doctor’s orders, and that HHS has provided him no details on his new role.Bright’s complaint comes as the Trump administration faces criticism over its response to the pandemic, including testing and supplies of ventilators, masks and other equipment to stem the spread.

While it IS true that Merle is a dominant gene and that I have never heard of a recessive Merle gene, there are some dogs where the Merle gene they have is shortened causing them to either show very little Merle or none at all either because any Merle they would have had has been masked by white markings or the Merle was simply not physically present. These are called Cryptic Merle’s. Cryptic Merle should be tested for in any apparently solid coloured dog intended for breeding that comes from a Merle background because, while 1 Cryptic Merle gene and 1 Merle gene in the same dog has no ill effects (2 Cryptic Merle genes in the same dog also has no ill effects), the Merle gene that the Cryptic Merle dog has could lengthen in its offspring, leading to double Merle pups if a Cryptic Merle is bred to a Merle..