My Latest Milestone and My interpretationMy latest milestone was one I did not look forward to; I could not imagine it or prepared for it. It was one I didn’t want to celebrate. It was my two hundredth treatment for a strange disease that has left me in bewilderment.

But instead of getting the equivalent of Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz, MSG has to sell seats for the regional final with Wisconsin and South Carolina potentially in the main event. For entertainment value, may as well go watch a Nets Knicks game instead and hope Charley Oakley is in the house..

Although it is part of an island called Ireland, it is not part of Ireland, or Southern Ireland, or Eire. This is the other part of the island called Ireland and is not part of the United Kingdom. People in some parts of Southern Ireland hate the English because they want Northern Ireland to be part of Southern Ireland, but the people of Northern Ireland mostly want to stay as they are, where they are.

All photos on this page are in the public domain. PresidentsOne reviewer gave this game five stars and wrote, “These games are the best I have ever seen, it is hard to believe that kids would go so crazy over a few cards but my girls love them. They are a wonderful Home School aid, my girls play with them even in their free time.

While taking the gondola ride the evening before had to grab this shot and decided to come back. I sure many people have the same photo as well. It is a nice re creation of Venice. On Saturday, March 2, DePaoli found JoAnne Williams in a barn (( next to her house slumped behind the wheel of her truck. The motor was running and a garden hose had been connected from the exhaust pipe to a window. Weeks before her death, she had instructed a neighbor to look under her mattress for instructions should something happen to her..

Calvin “Cal” Schildkraut, 92, of Deerfield Beach, passed away November 3, 2018. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife Roslyn, and is survived by his children, Julie Baker, Joanne Stone, Lew and Gerry, 5 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 1:45pm on Wednesday, November 7th, at Star of David Memorial Gardens and Funeral Chapel, 7701 Bailey Rd., N.

The frame and lens material of most sunglasses is plastic. But, the quality of plastic used can make a huge difference. Select a pair made of stronger plastics, as they do not shatter or scratch easily. Ultimately, my point is that arguing failures like 7 8 of GoT are actually not bad because it’s all opinion is disingenuous. It would be like saying your average person is just as beautiful as your top models and celebrities. Maybe to a very very select few, sure, but when the overwhelming majority of peoops agree on something I don’t think the “well that’s just your opinion” argument holds any weight..