So, God is a benevolent administrator of the world economy, and humans are created in His image just like a coin is stamped with the image of the worldly emperor; Christ is the unique divine image that is then copied onto all the human “coins.” Christ is also the “ransom” paid to Satan, who holds humanity in debt due to original sin. (Singh goes into some detail regarding the account one early theologian provides of the rather dubious “negotiations” God must engage in to manage this.) David Graeber speaks contemptuously about this language of debt peonage, seeing it as a justification of power, but one can also turn that around and see Christianity as a call for the liberation of humanity from debt enslavement, a recurring problem in both the ancient and modern worlds. Singh is interested in the way this theologico monetary discourse provided the ideological resources for early modern (and late modern, for that matter) defenses of the “free market,” while Graeber, understandably, finds the whole notion of an unpayable debt obscene.

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He will be especially missed by his many nieces and nephews, many friends and all that may have found themselves at the other end of one of Don’s pranks. Predeceased by his parents; Harry and Violet (nee Oakley) Armstrong, sister Betty Embury and by his brother in law David Bailey. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time and are entrusted to the BROCK and VISSER FUNERAL HOME, Woodstock, 519 539 0004.

There is a rich history of African American people that needs to be re told and paid close attention to. There have been and there are still men and women who are willing to put their life and fortune on the line just to see their people acquire complete freedom and equality so long denied them in the United States of America. These men and women have existed during the era of American Chattel Slavery and, through the times of the Black Codes, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movements..