4MbAbstractWe study holography in the sense of the anti de Sitter/conformal field theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence, where the field theory lives in a compact space. We first review some aspects of the AdS/CFT duality. We then discuss our work on finite size corrections to the drag force exerted on a quark in the quark gluon plasma.

Let me check my notes. Yes, here it is: Childress apologizes for inappropriate remark he may or may not have made; can’t say for sure he said what he supposedly said, which was, “It’s a cellphone, not a bomb.” Does admit he had a few drinks before being stopped by airport security. Says the incident was videotaped by teammate Thomas Rayam.

It eventually became more known for it’s saloons than for it’s amusements, and public drunkenness became the norm. As such, families began avoiding the place. North Beach also suffered from the pollution of the East River, but worse, got pollution coming from the Flushing River, and from Riker’s Island which was then used as a dump.

Reflective mirrors , laterally inverted imagery . And the inspiration with Grandson . He recently revealed that he came up with abbreviations way before millennials did K3G, which is the shorthand for his film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, was apparently Big B’s invention.

The notion of a $1,600 Android Wear device remains, as ever, hard to swallow. But at the very least, Tag is going out of its way to shake up a market full of dull and overly large devices. And if the last version of the Connected taught us anything, it’s that the market for such devices (while modest), does apparently exist..

“I’ve always said it’s been one the best kept secrets. Guys walk in here and they see stuff like that and they’re like, ‘man, I didn’t know it was like that here,’ because it wasn’t like that many, many years ago and a lot of you guys who were around can attest to that. We’re just trying to show what this city has to offer and it’s great to see now.

The safety of the public is our number one priority. Crews are working to make safe 2,400 hazards like this snapped pole in Neutral Bay. There are wires down in many places please do not approach them, always assume fallen powerlines are live and stay at least 8metres away.

“There was always someone to give you their opinion, whether you wanted it or not, about what the edition was going to be like, if it was any good,” he says. “I remember one time I bought something very proudly and the guy said, ‘You’re buying a piece of crap’ and made me put it back on the shelf. How often is that going to happen in your life?”.