The predatory plesiosaurs were represented by long necked varieties such as Cryptoclidus, and the largest carnivore of all time, the gigantic Liopleurodon, while the first marine crocodilians such as Metriorhynchus hunted in the shallow seas.Earth During the CretaceousBy 90 million years ago, the supercontinent had broken up completely, with its fragments slowly drifting into their modern positions. SourceTyrannosaurus, the most famous dinosaur of them all and the top predator during the Late Cretaceous. SourceAnother famous dinosaur, Triceratops that was very common in North America during the Late Cretaceous.

We had some commercial success with some songs at radio, and that was great, and I’ll take that all day long. But I was really thinking about legacy and what songs really affected people in what ways. That was just a challenge to myself to chase after hearts instead of hits and set the tone for this album..

Indeed, the breakup seemed to take Woods a little off guard. On Tuesday, he told the press: obviously does affect me. It is tough. Repurposing Old Scratching Posts to Strengthen and Extend the Cat TreeFortunately I kept our old cat scratching posts, one with a platform, envisaging that I might be able to incorporate them into the new cat tree. Therefore the first step was to take a few measurements of the cat tree (specifically the length and width of the base) and available floor space. Then armed with a cup of coffee I made my way down to the shed where I could sit down comfortably for half an hour and survey the available reclaimed wood at my disposal to determine which bits scrap wood I could use for this DIY project..

Cricket West Indies (CWI) has given its approval in principle for a test series in England, the body said on Friday. West Indies had been scheduled to visit England for three tests in June but the tour was pushed back due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is now looking at hosting the series in July.

He made this event a 40 year success; he was the one literally going door to door to contacts and making sure they were helping him out again. The support is absolutely incredible. After my wife and I were married, we actually moved to Newmarket and part of it was because of what we witnessed here in our time coming to visit and being part of the run.

If the county is satisfied with those plans, games without fans could take place as soon as teams are ready to stage them. The Dodgers could be first up, if major league owners and players can agree on a deal for an abbreviated 2020 season starting in early July, and the team could train at Dodger Stadium in June.For 11 weeks, the coronavirus crisis has unplugged live events. With a proper health and safety protocol, those events can help restore civic spirit and return thousands of Angelenos to their jobs, said Casey Wasserman, chairman of the LA 2028 Olympic organizing committee and leader of the sports and entertainment division of the county’s economic resiliency task force.In seeking to expedite the process, Wasserman submitted a 26 page blueprint to county supervisors with minimum standards teams had agreed to follow in such areas as monitoring the health of athletes and staff, observing social distancing off the field, and keeping facilities sanitary.