Shockers just sounds so much better and more current than Wheat Shockers but at no time in their history had the name seemed more appropriate than Saturday night.A 101/2 point underdog coming into their national semifinal with the No. 1 ranked Louisville Cardinals, the Shockers had the entire continent on the edge of its seat for most of the 40 minutes last night as they put the kind of scare into Louisville that only a very few even saw a remote chance of happening.The Shockers had a 12 point lead with 131/2 minutes to go in the game but sustained pressure by the Cardinals throughout the second half, particularly on the inbound following Louisville makes, was the difference as the Cards escaped witih a 72 68 win.The Cardinals have been a team all year that has got the majority of its points in transition, using its speed to get easy buckets while opponents tried, usually unsuccessfully, to get back.To do that, the Cardinals need turnovers or stops. But even when they got stops, the well coached Shockers had all five players back in their defensive stances waiting for the Cards.That left turnovers and for a full 26 minutes the Cardinals neither forced nor were the recipients of even one.That changed and it changed quickly as the Cardinals refused to let the Shockers inbound the ball without a fight.It led to three huge turnovers for the Cards and the momentum that had been Wichita’s way for most of the night not to mention the Shockers 12 point lead evaporated quickly.Credit the Shockers for a tough, physical brand of basketball that would likely even please a Charles Oakley, who regularly bemoans the lack of such play in the pro ranks anymore.The Shockers motto “play smart but play angry” was on full display all evening.

Money raised from the event goes to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. (DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star)EMS Paramedics tend to a young man with apparent stab wounds on Wyandotte St. W. They are information marketers. They make their money selling information. There is nothing wrong with that, if it is good information at a fair price..

Defending Jacob has unfolded fairly simply. Jacob Barber (Jaeden Martell) is a suspect in the death of his classmate, a case made no easier by his attorney father Andy’s (Evans) proximity to both criminal law and the number one suspect. The Barber family (rounded out by mother Laurie, played by Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery) endures blame, suspicion, and unwanted attention from the press and their community as they fight to win the case and keep their family together..