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If you are every in upstate New York, Rochester is a nice little city. I have quite a few customers here and have been traveling to Rochester for many years. Rochester is known as the home of Eastman Kodak. I write with feeling on this matter, because on the morning after the Brexit referendum I went through the list of about 800 people whom I follow on Twitter, and I could not locate a single one who seemed to have been in favour of Brexit in the run up to the vote. The shock felt by them after the vote was palpable. But it was also a salutary reminder that anyone who uses social media lives in a digital echo chamber..

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Wild Click for Playlist Dec. 27 vs. Senators Click for Playlist Jan. From a local town near Austin Rock, you can find this cool location called Old Settlers Park. It is located right next to Dell Diamond (Round Rock Epxress baseball team) and is one super location for portraits. I was scouting it out one day and loved the old style Texas feel.