Please donate kindly from the suggested categories and nonperishable suggestions below to help us provide well balanced, nutritious foods to those who do not have enough to eat. Canned food is almost always a safe bet when it comes to nonperishable foods, but also keep in mind other types of packaging. Instead of buying canned peaches, for example, consider dried fruit, which is less messy and easy to eat out of the bag.

“Public schools end up the big loser in what amounts to a three pronged hit,” Ferguson writes. First, $90.5 million would be removed from the state’s general fund, roughly half of which now goes to public schools. Second, up to $41.2 million in property taxes would be shifted from business equipment to real property, including people’s homes and businesses; that would make school levies for the same dollar amounts more expensive for property taxpayers, and thus less likely to pass.

“All of us in the science community are pretty baffled as to how this can happen,” said Dr. Kavita Patel, who was part of the development of a vaccine for the H1N1 virus as a senior medical official in the administration of President Barack Obama.Even in a best case scenario in which a vaccine under development showed promise, meeting such an aggressive manufacturing deadline would require bypassing time consuming steps usually required to ensure a vaccine is safe and effective, according to Patel.”What are we sacrificing for speed?” she said. “How are we going to cut corners?”A source familiar with the Defense Department’s vaccine development efforts was only slightly less skeptical.

South Austin residents and others with an interest in Austin Community College are invited to a community meeting on the design of ACC’s new South Austin campus. ACC architect Larry Speck of Page Southerland Page will present design concepts for the new campus. Sept.

Mandela also learnt from his own experiences. During his incarceration, he saw his pain as a way to learn about other and he made it a space within which he learnt the language of the oppressor, a learning critical to his later role as leader of negotiations. Similarly, we all have it within us to liberate ourselves and to turn to our own experiences to better understand the other..

Entwistle used innovative techniques to expand the instrument capabilities, much like his counterpart in The Who, Pete Townshend, did with guitar. His soloing on “My Generation” was game changing, while his unique style on “The Real Me” is all consuming. Entwistle laid the groundwork for so much of the future..