You’re also not required to list a relative as your emergency contact. This can come into play if you don’t have a great relationship with your family of birth, or if relatives speak another language or live far away. You can list someone from your “chosen” family: a best friend, partner or mentor who knows you well and cares what happens to you..

It is preferable that you dry these articles of clothing using a flat drying method if at all possible. You can line dry cotton cashmere but you risk losing some of the shape of the item. First, you should consider how important the clothing is to you.

Thorp looked around at the empty casino. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep me from winning. The dealer started rapidly shooting out cards, trying to rattle him. Like I pointed out previously, they aren’t a significant danger to the native wildlife here. I live in a heavily urbanized city, and the only wildlife here are pretty much birds and house geckos. Even then, they really thrive in the city and have adapted well to it.

The feature I find most attractive about the inverter microwave oven is the Inverter Turbo Defrost feature. It defrosts food using a sequencing system which distributes microwave energy in a new and efficient way. Recently, I placed a whole frozen chicken into the inverter microwave oven; I pressed the Inverter Turbo Defrost button and was prompted to enter the weight of the chicken, which I did, of course; I pressed the “Start” button and when the process was completed, I took the chicken out of the oven and found it fully thawed, with no cooked edges (many times, with my conventional oven, I found cooked edges after using the defrost feature)..

The area is cordoned off and excitement fills the air. You and two other team members are assigned to diffuse the bomb. Bob had curry for lunch that day and was cracking silencers all day. And because we’re kind of nosy, we were curious: What are our colleagues actually wearing while they WFH? From Harry Potter T shirts to lots (and lots) of tie dye, here’s what seven editors wore for a recent Zoom meeting. Chelsea Candelario, Editorial AssistantHarry Potter nerd. Katherine Gillen, Food Editor”My WFH outfit was built for utility: bike shorts allow me to work comfortably anywhere in my apartment (curled on the couch or at the ‘standing desk,’ aka a stack of books), the bandana does double duty as a mask if needed, and the T shirt is plain, soft and inoffensive for Zoom calls (sorry, Bernie 2020 tee, not today).