Hope magical thinking”Faith is the substance of things hoped for” was always a weird concept for me. Essentially it means that when hope reaches the point of the delusional belief that something exists when it clearly does not, we have reached a point of faith. Many pride themselves on having strong faith.

Were not driven by extreme poverty or hunger, but it’d be hard to make the case that lengthy prison sentences for pocketing food are in the service of the community. And sometimes, in places all across the world, hungry people are punished for just trying to eat. I was arrested and fined I had no way of paying and spent a week in prison for non payment” and soon after, lost his apartment.

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I point blank refused to eat “that green stuff”, as I referred to any vegetable whether green or otherwise. It was only when I was introduced to this sandwich exactly as it is prepared below that I finally set out on the long road to enjoying the delights of fruits and vegetables. To this day, this sandwich for me remains the ultimate taste of summer freshness, so if you have a small child who refuses to eat their veg, why not give this idea a try? It worked for one of the most steadfastly anti vegetable children who ever walked the planet, so who knows it may work for your child!.

You Cannot Outlaw NatureThe unfortunate and long lasting influence of the Victorian Era is still tainting our society. Things that should be openly discussed and learned are still shoved under a veil of secrecy and taboos. It is the main reason behind the fear and ignorance that are at the root of prejudice and bigotry we see against those who are “different.”.

The unrest this week recalled the riots in Los Angeles nearly 30 years ago after the acquittal of the white police officers who beat Rodney King, a black motorist who had led them on a high speed chase. The protests of Floyd’s killing have gripped many more cities, but the losses in Minneapolis have yet to approach the staggering totals in Los Angeles. During the five days of rioting in 1992, more than 60 died, 2,000 plus were injured and thousands arrested, with property damage topping $1 billion..