Ruder and Less CivilizedStill, as I drove back to my office, I was flabbergast. This was not the first time I had witnessed public rudeness. In fact, it is quite commonplace lately. Growing Things: Protect your lawn from mice and vole damageWow! That’s all I can say after looking at my e mail box today. It is overflowing with your questions and it’s great to see the interest in gardening but I ask for your patience. I will eventually get to your questions but bear with me..

Cresswell), John (G. Shaw), Loretta (Sister of St. Joseph), Yvonne (L. The resolve to make Texas only the second state to restrict bathroom access for transgender persons before Monday when lawmakers adjourn until 2019 is raising the possibility of a special session and exasperating business groups and LGBT rights organizations that have united in opposition for months.Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday enough time remains for lawmakers to strike a deal. He said Texas must address student safety and security but didn say how far a bill must go including whether it must require transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate.Hours later, the state Senate rejected a version of LGBT restroom restrictions meant to apply only to public schools that the House passed last weekend, and asked for a conference committee.

“A lot of people have come to believe that Lincoln. The only problem is, it not Lincoln,” Oakley told Yahoo News. The high res scan shows the mystery man on the horse has hair that is too long to have been Lincoln. From 8 June, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and places of worship will be allowed to re open in many areas in the first stage of a three phase plan.In total India has recorded some 174,500 cases and nearly 5,000 deaths. The nation of 1.3 billion has been hit less hard by the coronavirus than many other countries.Trouble ahead for India’s fight against Covid 19How Covid 19 has ravaged India’s richest cityIt went into a strict lockdown more than two months ago when the confirmed caseload was in the hundreds. Official data suggests the decision prevented the loss of between 37,000 and 78,000 lives.However the cost to the economy has been high and pictures of millions of informal workers leaving cities for their rural villages after losing their jobs some of them on foot shocked the country.Health officials say that they are able to further lift the lockdown in many places because most cases have been restricted to urban areas in a handful of states.More than 80% of the active cases are in five states Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and more than 60% of the cases are in five cities, including Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad, according to official data.As part of the three phase plan:Shopping centres, places of worship, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services will open from 8 June (guidelines will be released to ensure social distancing)School and colleges may open later possibly in July after consultations with statesInternational travel, metro services, cinemas, sporting events and gyms will be allowed to restart in an undated third phase but this will depend on “the situation”A night curfew will remain in place but shorten by two hours from 21:00 05:00 instead of 19:00 07:00These measures will not apply to designated “containment zones” where the virus is believed to be transmitting at a higher rate.