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One of my favorite parts of this whole before and after, or maybe before and during thing that we’re doing, is that you get to actually hear all the fears and the speculation people had and then fast forward in your time machine two months and see how much of that came true. And I love that because we forget about all of the declarations that people made that were really dramatic in one direction or another. When like six months later, we don’t always look back and see, “I guarantee victory”, and then they get smashed..

You could lose yourself in the beauty of these galleries for days!2 Remember the Alamo!At another bend in the Riverwalk, you’ll come to the Alamo, a living museum of history, and a Texas must see. There, a small band of gutsy Texan rebels that included James Bowie, William Travis and Davy Crockett, held their ground against the Centralist Army of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Although that story didn’t have a happy ending, the Alamo remains an important symbol of in your face Texas toughness and is important to an understanding of why every American citizen Texan or not remembers the Alamo..

That’s My Name on that Food!Keep in mind, when using the work fridge you must put your name on every item or someone may just take it. Don’t just think everyone is honest, because they are not. Every office has food thieves. Every woman has one. Not what you’re thinking that too, yes, but I am referring to a menstruation horror story. In addition to the aforementioned books, there is “Period: The End of Menstruation,” filmmaker Giovanna Chesler’s documentary response “to the growing number of hormone treatments that promise to end the monthly bleed altogether.” (The health consequences of taking Seasonique and Lybrel, birth control pills that limit menstruation or suppress it completely, remain a topic of debate.) There are the monthly cycle celebrants who, unlike the hippies of the ’70s with their red tents and moon tides, their talk of “transitions” and “honoring your changes” are said to be punk style anarchists (menarchists?) who dress up as bloody tampons and holler rogue cheers: “Smear it on your face and rub it on your body, it’s time to start a menstrual party!” Artist Chella Quint publishes a zine, “Adventures in Menstruating,” which features DIY tampon projects and the requisite “leakage horror stories.” And another artist, Ingrid Berthon Moine, has made a video in which she is “twanging her tampon string” to the tune “Slave to the Rhythm,” an apt theme song if ever there was one.