The less time spent on the early 00s Portland Trail Blazers, the better. They were a collection of amazing basketball talent that had no intention of putting it all together for the sake of winning games. The Blazers had it all in the worst possible way.

Pelicans: Williamson became the first player to score 20 plus points in at least 16 of his first 20 career games, according to ESPN research, since Michael Jordan in the 1984 85 season for Chicago. Redick sat out for the fifth straight game due to a strained left hamstring. Two way rookie Nickeil Alexander Walker, who has not played for New Orleans in nearly a month, was diagnosed on Saturday with a hairline fracutre in his right wrist and will be out indefinitely..

You can make a layered salad any time of year, but it is an ideal choice for summer. When the weather is hot and you aren’t in the mood to turn on the oven or even spend a lot of time in the kitchen when you could be outside, salads are perfect. One of the biggest advantages of layered salads is that you can make almost all of them ahead of time.

Adebayo donned a Beal jersey after the game, wearing it backward. Beal written message was visible: real one! Keep grinding. Humble. It’s a fear I’ve learned plagues many of my pet loving friends. So with a lump in my throat, I went searching for the worst case scenario: folks whose relationships had indeed ended with pet separations. I wanted to know what it meant for them, and how it changed the version of themselves they put online..

Julian changed tack, opted to travel with his girlfriend, Ashley Osborne, and aimed to enjoy the tour more. “Having Ash to share the good times and the bad helped for sure,” he said. “I realized I have to be happy to surf well, and from the Oakley Pro Bali in June my mindset turned and the results came.”.

1957KbAbstractMotivated by the holographic principle, within the context of the AdS/CFT Correspondence in the large t’Hooft limit, we investigate how the geometry of certain highly symmetric bulk spacetimes can be recovered given information of physical quantities in the dual boundary CFT. In particular, we use the existence of bulk cone singularities (relating the location of operator insertion points of singular boundary correlation functions to the endpoints of boundary to boundary null geodesics in the bulk spacetime) and the holographic entanglement entropy proposal (relating the entanglement entropy of certain subsystems on the boundary to the area of static minimal surfaces) to recover the bulk metric. Using null and zero energy spacelike boundary to boundary geodesic probes, we show that for classes of static, spherically symmetric, asymptotically AdS spacetimes, one can find analytic expressions for extracting the metric functions given boundary data.