Though State Police have concluded that Dookhan was not romantically involved with Norfolk Assistant District Attorney George Papachristos, Dookhan’s husband was suspicious. At one point, Dookhan’s husband tried repeatedly to contact a startled Papachristos, according to someone involved in the investigation, apparently out of concern that the two were having an affair.The tone in the dozens of e mails between the two was sometimes quite familiar, according to the person who has read them. Dookhan opened up about her life, confiding in one e mail that she was unhappy in her marriage, though it is unclear from a printout of the e mails whether she sent it.

If you are shooting at home (whether yours or the client’s), draperies or curtains can work, but only if they are solid color, and not patterned. (See the shot of my granddaughter at top right.)Shooting outdoors has its own pitfalls of potentially disastrous backgrounds. Many would be photographers tend to get so focused on their subject that they develop tunnel vision, and forget to check for what is lurking behind the subject.

Update: Deadline reports that following a shortened Sunday March 15 episode, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” will halt production. On his March 13 episode, Maher said “Real Time” will also go on hiatus for an indefinite period. The entertainment site also reports that “Full Frontal With Samatha Bee” has also announced it will stop production.

The ’30s closed out with the Kraut Line keeping up their pace. Schmidt, whom Art Ross called ‘the greatest of modern centers’, led the league in scoring and for the first time in league history, three players not only from the same team, but the same line, finished the season in the top three spots of the individual scoring race. The 1939 40 season also closed a bright chapter in Bruins history as Eddie Shore ended his career with the team after 14 seasons, seven First Team All Star berths and four Hart Trophies.

The Olympic runner is charged with premeditated murder after fatally shooting Steenkamp through a toilet cubicle door in an upstairs bathroom in the pre dawn hours of Feb. 14 last year. Pistorius, 27, pleaded not guilty and says he shot Steenkamp, 29, by mistake thinking she was an intruder in his home..

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