But lady luck chose to smile on the team, because on the very first day, a dinosaur leg bone was uncovered and like the radioactive bone it dated from the Mid Jurassic. Over the next ten days, the team systematically searched the desert for bones, initially finding some here and there. Soon though, the trickle turned into a torrent, with bones popping up everywhere; and that was just the first valley.

And sure smoothies are delicious and a a tiny bit decadent, but are they also healthy? Well, they sure can be. I present to you a super healthy smoothie for your enjoyment. This recipe has been one of my go to meals when I am trying to get healthier or lose weight.

It also kind of difficult when it dusk and I find I have to take it off. It does help in the shade but doesn really blow my mind in that I wouldn think twice about riding without it. I think most high quality eyewear will work about as good but maybe not be quite as versatile.

We got in a good rhythm and those were rotation types of 3s. Won in Portland for the first time since Dec. 12, 2012.. Thanks Annie! =) Unfortunately, I am not a wine fan, but can understand the lure of a nice glass during the evening after a hard day work. If you are near Spciewood, they have a bar located inside and a lovely patio outdoors to sit, relax and unwind. Tasting room hours are Weds thru Sat 10 5 and Sunday 12 5, Monday and Tues by appointment only..

“Latin America represents a formidable driving force for both Luxottica Divisions,” said Andrea Guerra, Chief Executive Officer of Luxottica. “We expect to grow significantly in this key region, continuing on a trend of sustained development. Today’s operation enables us to establish a meaningful position in retail in this region with an established network and a well defined growth plan; on the other hand, it provides us with an opportunity to strengthen the positioning of our brands and Luxottica’s business overall across the region.”.

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Instead, changes in physical appearance would occur so gradually and imperceptibly that you probably wouldn’t notice. Race is a social construct just like species is a social construct. Why are wolves and dogs different species? You can come up with the most precise definition of species you want (which is difficult) to explain “why”, but any possible definition you come up with is still somewhat arbitrary.