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They are triangular shaped citadels, with flat tops and walls of limestone and wood. Within the Idjang are various artefacts, the evidence of past habitations of the people. There are earthenware vessels, burial jars, beads, ceramics, and stone tools.

Elsewhere, the features can be a bit business heavy, but you’ll still enjoy the useful essentials throughout. One neat bonus is the voicemail to text ability, which could be incredibly helpful if you have any relatives who are deaf or who have hearing challenges. Another convenient extra is the ability to share documents that can easily be used together with family chats.

Has now been amended 17 times since it was awarded to the construction giant on Dec. 31 at an original value of $17.6 million.On a call with reporters earlier this week, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) project leader Gwil Roberts said Kiewit has fulfilled the terms of the original contract, but it became obvious early on that more work would be necessary.”We knew from the start that this is a very difficult place to work and there’s a mass amount of material that has landed in this river. We’re talking about 75,000 cubic metres of rock,” Roberts said.”To remove enough of that to restore natural fish passage it was a very, very difficult objective and that’s the challenge that is still facing us.”In the meantime, with the annual salmon runs fast approaching, “what we realized in a pretty timely fashion here was that we needed other measures for fish to move over the slide site,” Roberts said.Fisheries and Oceans CanadaThe Big Bar landslide happened in a remote area north of Lillooet some time in November or December 2018, but it was not reported to Fisheries and Oceans Canada until June 2019.The landslide completely blocked migration routes for several salmon runs, and prompted officials at multiple levels of government to organize a rescue mission that saw thousands of salmon lifted by helicopter across the rocks that blocked their migration route.But none of the rocks or debris that had fallen into the Fraser had been cleared away before Kiewit crews began work on the site this year, a spokesperson for Fisheries and Oceans Canada said this week.”Much of the work in 2019 focused on manipulating existing rocks through the use of hydraulics and small bursts to create resting pools to restore immediate fish passage,” Kavitha Palanisamy wrote in an email to CBC.So far, DFO has spent $28.6 million on the project, Palanisamy said.