E. Anthony Co. Contemporaneously published at least four of the stereo views taken at Hanover Junction in itsThe War for the Unionseries of stereocards, noting on each card’s backside that the negatives were by “Brady Co., Washington” (See “The War for the Union, War Views” s 2330, 2331, 2332, and 2333).

The election contest the last avenue open to a candidate who refuses to accept defeat is technically filed against the winner (“Contestee”), although Pressley’s petition argues that the election itself was inadequate or illegal because two large population polling places were closed for the run off (when polls were consolidated), and that since the current electronic voting system does not enable literal “images of ballots cast” to be printed and counted by hand, the election “result cannot be known, and the Court must order a new election.” In an interview, Pressley insisted to the Chronicle that the contest is “not about Casar” (“He did nothing wrong,” she said) nor even about the work of County Clerk DeBeauvoir but instead an earnest attempt to make certain that the election system is fair, transparent, and accurate. She says early voter rolls suggest that some mailed votes may have been counted twice although those paper ballots were duly recounted by hand on Jan. 6 and that some other voter records possibly reflect more votes than voters.

The America pavilion has a fife and drum band that would have been found in the colonial times. It is also home to the Voices of Liberty, and they are worth a listen if you are able to catch them. If you are a Beatles fan you can even catch a tribute band playing some of their best hits in the United Kingdom pavilion..

A map of the hypothetical Solent River system is shown above. It has long been argued that a river valley system extending eastward from the the rivers Frome and Piddle cut a valley north of the Isle of Wight at a time of low sea level. The former existence of such a river system during some part of the Pleistocene is likely but the work of Velegrakis has shown that by the end of the Pleistocene there were direct valleys southward from the area of Poole Harbour and Christchurch Harbour.

The horse is a symbol of war and victory. Of success for those who take risks and work hard. Play hard and rest hard. Last year was an amazing, sure, but it wasn’t necessary a gigantic aberration. So expect him to keep throwing strikes. Expect him to save 40 games.

The world of work is looking quite different for most of us this week. Some of us have returned to work full time, others are teleworking into the unknown future, while others have suffered terminations and undefined layoffs. One thing that appears to remain steady, however, is the province gradual reopening of businesses.