The goal of these discussions is to find the best possible solution for the tenant given their circumstances. Now, “the best possible solution” is not necessarily what the tenant wants. You may need to nudge them to move out with “cash for keys,” pay a transfer fee, or something else to that effect..

“I’ve never seen him more drunk in my life,” Luke says. “He normally stays here 20 minutes to an hour. But he stayed ’til closing. “These athletes are passionate about Oakley products and rely on our products to perform their best,” said Erik Searles, Vice President, Oakley Retail. “This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to receive a memorable gift along with the Oakley eyewear and sports apparel they purchase for themselves or their loved ones. Our heritage of blending science and art to reinvent performance is what sets us apart, and these athletes reflect the best of everything Oakley.

Scorsese has directed upward of 45 (!) films. So it was only a matter of time until he announced his follow up to 2019’s Oscar nominated The Irishman. On Thursday afternoon, we finally got it.. Shareholders of Otis also approved certain annual resolutions at the Otis meeting. The hearing for the final order of the British Columbia Supreme Court to approve the arrangement is scheduled to take place on April 21, 2020, by telephone conference. Any Otis shareholders wishing to attend the court hearing should contact Otis.

And now? The activist has “retired from being a dwarf” to go fishing. Karla, an optimistic and naive 16 year old, grew up to find life more challenging than she had ever imagined. Dwarfs in India cannot get an education, so he could not find a suitable intellectual match for her.

PG now only needs approval from the judge overseeing its bankruptcy in order to meet a state deadline of June 30 to qualify for a California fund to help utilities pay for future wildfire claims. Nearly all creditors voted in favor of PG proposal, including wildfire victims. Court hearings on the plan began Wednesday..

Although she had the most direct connection with Johnson and clearly liked him, Goodwin is toughest on him in her conclusions, conceding that his miscalculations on the Vietnam War might disqualify him from the greatness bestowed on the other three presidents in her survey. She gives LBJ credit for magnanimity, as when he agreed to hire her as a White House Fellow even though she had prominently opposed his position on the war in southeast Asia. “If I can’t win her over,” he cheerfully boasted, “no one can.” But Johnson wasn’t always so tolerant of dissenting views, she later notes, and when he opted not to follow his better angels, as in casting anti war activists as “outside agitators,” his presidency suffered..