The big fourFour of the biggest redistricting prizes in the 2020 legislative elections are Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. House seats, one fifth of the nationwide total, and Republicans currently hold more than 60% of them. Texas, Florida and North Carolina all are projected to gain congressional seats because of their population growth, which would give the party in power an opportunity to shape new districts to their liking..

Speaking at his daily coronavirus briefing, the Prime Minister said it was a “fundamentally political argument” and he intervened to prevent his scientific advisers, Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance being drawn into the row.The force said if Mr Cummings had been stopped by an officer he may have been told to return home with words of advice, but that in line with its policy throughout the pandemic, it did not intend to take retrospective action.Asked why anyone should take the rules seriously if Mr Cummings did not, Mr Johnson replied: “I’ve said quite a lot on this matter already. Durham Police said they were going to take no action, and that the matter was closed and I intend to draw a line under the matter.”Dominic Cummings returns to his home in London ShutterstockProfessor Whitty and Sir Patrick were also asked if they thought Mr Cummings’ actions were the sort of example people should follow.But Mr Johnson intervened saying: “I’m going to interpose myself if I may, and protect them from what I think would be an on an unfair and unnecessary attempt to ask a political question. It is very very important that our, our medical officers and scientific advisers do not get dragged into what I think most people will recognise is fundamentally a political argument.”The advisors were later asked if they were happy with the Prime Minister preventing them from answering questions and Sir Patrick replied: “I’m a civil servant, I’m politically neutral and don’t want to get involved in politics at all.”Durham Police were asked to investigate after complaints were made about Mr Cummings’ decision to leave London and self isolate at his parents’ farm in Durham when his wife fell ill with coronavirus symptoms.Mr Cummings claimed he had made the 50 mile round trip to Barnard Castle with his wife and son to test his eyesight and ensure he was up to the long drive back to London the following day..

Rihanna has become a poster child for living your best life, our reigning queen of not giving a fck, andAnti makes it clear thatpersona isn’t crafted by a team of publicists. It’s just Rihanna. There’s plenty of the joint smoking, middle finger giving Rih Rih to go around on Anti, but between all that, there’s also moments of genuine, arresting emotion..