As part of the changes to the 2020 season caused by the impact of COVID 19, the European Tour’s Tournament Committee recently agreed that all members’ 2020 categories, and their ranking within that category, will be retained in 2021. Related playing rights will be protected to the absolute maximum possible in the 2021 season. It also waived the minimum tournament regulation for the 2020 season..

SSI Assistance for Hearing AidsDepending on income level, some children may qualify for Medicaid coverage. In addition, children with extensive health conditions may qualify for an SSI waiver, which does not have an income requirement. Unfortunately, the SSI program requires “total deafness” for disability coverage in most cases.

I not even going to try to name all of the possible infield combinations the Cardinals could throw out there this season. The hot bats will play a big part, as will matchups. One thing is for sure, manager Mike Matheny has a lot of weapons at his disposal.

Their Facebook page, “Call Me They,” shares stories and insights related to social justice, many of which are specifically framed around the trans experience. It currently boasts nearly 10,000 followers. And as a program manager at the Transgender Legal Defense Education Fund (TLDEF), Dumlao connects trans clients with lawyers for legal name changes.

There had to have been something VERYBIG going on because Brady photographers tried to capturea particular but unpredictable moment in time rather than merely a fixed static scene of their choosing. This was challenging because thephotographers couldn predict exactly when and under what sunlight conditions they would have to expose the glass plate. Rather, they were forced to estimate several minutes in advance when the hearse would come into view, whether it would stop or be in motion throughout, and under what degree of sunlight it would be visible.

I wonder why they suffer under all those layers of clothing. Although the Indian Penal system is fashioned after the British, it seems a bit silly to adopt the black robes and curly wigs too. I wonder why no one ever protested perhaps they liked the pomp and splendour, perhaps it offered some solace from the post colonial indignity of being called the ‘third world’..

Christopher Squires, a current P3 from Grove Hill, Alabama, recently received the Presidential Scholarship for Academic and Leadership Excellence from the American College of Apothecaries Research and Education Foundation. The scholarship is annually given to a student with a demonstrated interest in independent pharmacy, who shows leadership qualities, extra curricular activities, and a high level of academic success. Read more about Squires and the award HERE..