One day, Kristi asked to go to the bathroom. At the time, my room was directly adjacent the bathroom, so I knew she would return quickly. (No leaving for tacos this time; I’d gotten a handle on that)! Suddenly, the class jumped as we heard a large bang emanating from the bathroom.

Tropical cyclone likely to develop over the Northeast Pacific this weekendOn the southern flank of the gyre, a large, loosely organized area of convection named Invest 91E may consolidate into a tropical cyclone this weekend. In its for the Eastern Pacific issued at 2 pm EDT Friday, the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center gave 91E a 60 percent chance of becoming at least a tropical depression by Sunday and a 70 percent chance by Wednesday. If 91E does become a tropical storm, it would be Amanda, the first named system in the Eastern Pacific this year..

The shot above was from my hotel room Holiday Inn on the Bay in SD. I was up on the 13th floor and had a nice city view! Remember to always ask for a view room when you check in!! YOu can see I used my 500mm f/1.4 lens for this shot. I wanted to keep the noise low and shot nearly wide open.

Here is some info on the Model T: TheFord Model Tis anautomobile that was produced byHenry Ford Motor Company from 1908 through 1927. The Model T set 1908 as the historic year that the automobile came into popular usage. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that America on wheels some of this was because of Ford innovations, includingassembly line production instead of individual hand crafting, as well as the concept of paying the workers a wage proportionate to the cost of the car, so that they would provide a ready made market.

I saw my grand mothers grave in Cape Town in 96 when i was last there. With my dad, her son. SShe was from Poland and died of a sudden heamorrage in 69. Then, one morning, a message was waiting a single red rose atop a plain white envelope, laying on the floor at center stage. Printed on the outside, the words “I am watching. ” sent a chill up my spine.

In the angry controversy after the raid, police maintained they were justified in opening fire, but the Panthers saw the raid as a pretext for killing Hampton. The Tribune became part of the uproar when it published a photograph showing holes in a door jamb that it identified as coming from bullets fired from inside the apartment. They proved to be nail heads..

Whether you are the person with the illness, the main caregiver, a friend, or a supporter, it sometimes seems much easier to let go and give in, than to push through one more day. The truth is, though, it’s that pushing through that gives both the patient and the caregiver the will and the reason . Read more.