Biggest ProblemThe biggest problem arises when the police start acting more like soldiers, which all this equipment and training is facilitating. The military’s job is to kill the enemy; police are charged with keeping the peace and protecting the rights of citizens. Other countries have different histories, but this distinction is why, more than 130 years ago, in 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act explicitly forbade the use of military in domestic policing.

Warhol could foresee the emergence of the personal computer into everyday American lives even in the early 1980’s. He even incorporated the computer into his creation of art. At one live event, he used a Commodore Amiga computer to alter a photo of singer Debbie Harry (who was present at the demonstration).

After that incident, he claimed that he saw her everywhere he went, including in his house, when he was walking down the street, and in the rear view mirror of his car. This caused him a great deal of stress, and one day he felt so exhausted that he decided to sit down in the chair in the Blue Room to rest. He died a month later..

619KbAbstractWe analyse the long term dynamics of the two dimensional Navier Stokes equations on a rotating sphere and the periodic plane, which can be considered as a planar approximation to the former. It was shown over fifty years ago that the Navier Stokes equations can be described by a finite number of degrees of freedom, which can be quantified by, for example, the so called determining modes and determining nodes. After considerable effort, it was shown that, independently of rotation, the number of determining modes and nodes both scale as the Grashof number , a non dimensional parameter proportional to the forcing.

“It been good. I doing a bit of rehab work with it too with some physios that work with our tour. “Just have to keep going and try and rest it where possible.” That rest won come this week as Millar heads down to 13th Beach, near Geelong, for the Vic Open.

Students who major in (CHLD) are interested in working directly with children and families or they want to work indirectly for children in administrative, advocacy, helping, or researcher roles. All majors acquire a comprehensive understanding of how children grow and develop from conception through adolescence. Our six emphases include: foundations of child development, child and environmental assessment and study, programs for children and families, professionalism, critical thinking, and developmental context.