11MbAbstractIn this thesis the research presented relates to topological solitons in (2+1) and (3+1) dimensional Skyrme theories. Solutions in these theories have topologically invariant quantities which results in stable solutions which are topologically distinct from a vacuum. In Chapter 2 we discuss the broken baby Skyrme model, a theory which breaks symmetry to the dihedral group D_N.

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Anansi the Spider Re Spunpartnered with the Unicorn to present a digital theatre series inspired by its 2019 production Anansi the Spider. Three tales about the mischievous folkloric webspinner, for audiences aged three to eight, will be streamed on Saturday mornings on the Guardian website and the Unicorn’s YouTube channel. The 15 minute episodes, which will be available on demand for three weeks, reunite the original cast of the production, Afia Abusham, Juliet Okotie and Sapphire Joy, who filmed themselves performing in their homes.

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He stopped. At this oak tree here. Must be two hundred years old. Had a number of guys late, as we do every year, Van Gundy said. Not just him. I wouldn point out one guy and say when he late it shows this. Op Ed: In a nasty push, Republicans want immunity for companies that negligently spread COVID 19Making it harder for individuals who claim harms from businesses to get compensated has been on the GOP wish list for years. It called tort reform tort law covers a wide range of “personal injury” lawsuits against businesses (or individuals). McConnell has signaled that COVID 19 corporate immunity is his “red line” for considering another much needed economic stimulus package..

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