Even boardshorts from the major boardshort companies, about half their range can be worn surfing. It be wall to wall boardshorts and hoodies, with a hundred pairs of sunglasses along the wall and maybe half a dozen shiny new boards stood up in a corner for decorative purposes. And they doing fine.

Both honorees conduct research associated with vision, one of the most intimate and powerful ways living things connect to the world. While Oakley studies the evolution of complex and diverse visual systems, shedding light on convergent evolution one of the major mechanisms of life on Earth Eckstein seeks to understand how the human brain achieves the highly efficient and remarkable ability to see. And in turn he works with engineers to improve the way computers “see.”.

According to Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post, the former Baltimore Orioles catcher has agreed to a one year deal with a 2018 player option with the Washington Nationals, pending a physical. The deal will pay him $10 million in 2017, and $11 million the following year if he exercises the option. $5 million will be deferred through 2021..

Research from 2009 suggests autism now affects every 1 in 110 children.According to Autism Speaks, a non profit advocacy association dedicated to understanding autism, there is no single known cause of autism. Instead, researchers have identified a number of characteristics that may make a person be at greater risk for developing the condition. These include genetic factors, environmental factors (such as parents have a child at an older age, pregnancy or birth complications, and pregnancies spaced less than one year apart), and differences in brain biology and structure.

Have I fallen under the pernicious influence of feminist ideology, conspiring, unbeknownst to the main of society, to feminize men for the sake of their own domination? Have I been whipped? Of course I have not. One wonders why I would even need to ask such a question. We all understand, do we not, that there is such a variety in humanity that such pigeonholing as what counts as a man is silly..

I Want My Hat Back trilogyI Want My Hat Back finds an otherwise polite bear taking revenge on a bad bunny who has pinched his pointy red hat. It’s eight and a half minutes of pure joy. The sequel, This Is Not My Hat, also staged on a wooden dresser and told with music by Jim Whitcher, is a kind of Grand Theft Aqua in which a tiddler has stolen a handsome green bowler from a much bigger fish.