“We could arrest someone for pulling a fire alarm,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said at a news conference Wednesday. “We could surely arrest someone for attempting to destroy and burn down the life of an innocent person.”The news conference was held in the Ramble, a secluded section of Central Park popular with birdwatchers and the site of the confrontation between Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper, who are not related.The dispute Monday morning began when Christian Cooper noticed Amy Cooper had let her cocker spaniel off its leash against the rules in the Ramble, he has recounted. He said he asked her to put her dog on a leash.

The setting for the beach is almost as nice as the beach itself. It’s nestled between the Devil’s Slide to the north, and other promontories to the south as you make your way towards Montara. Behind is the vast McNee Ranch State Park, which is one giant agglomeration of green.

I was really skeptical about guided meditation, but have found them very useful in maintaining focus. It teaches you to be aware when your mind wanders and helps you bring focus back to the task at hand. Https: Force yourself to break big tasks down into tiny chunks.

Sadly today, this species has disappeared from most of its range, largely down to the rise of man. As predators ourselves, the lion became a natural competitor, so as our populations increased, so the lions decreased. Also many of the large herbivores that the lions relied upon vanished at the end of the last ice age, possibly down to climate change or human hunting or a combination of the two..

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Ryan Jacobs Flores: I first started making videos to document my transition because I wanted something to look back on for myself later down the road. When I posted them to YouTube and saw the overwhelming love and support from subscribers, my channel turned into a way for me to help make others feel less alone. My channel has also served as a place for other transitioning people to connect and ask each other questions.