Closing or changing seven tax preferences. The current exemption from sales tax that some residents of other states get would be changed to a refund those residents could claim on purchases of more than $25. The sales tax exemption for bottled water would be repealed, as would the use tax exemption for extracted fuel, and preferred B rates for royalty income, travel agents and prescription drug resellers.

Her advice for cutting shorter hairstyles is to proceed with caution, as it’s much harder to get right. “Don’t get too scissor happy, hang in there. Have a go at the edges/sideburns and back of the neck, if these are kept tidy you will be amazed how long you can leave the rest.”.

I made a fairly large roth conversion from our traditional IRA around 10 years ago (whenever they first permitted that). Is it easy to find information on Roth contribution dates/conversions on the Vanguard site?Funny, my kid asked me to do this for him the other day when I was talking about compound interest. I went over the numbers and showed him that $30k or so invested now would be $1m when he was 60.

Wal Mart Savings CatcherWal Mart Savings CatcherIf you do any shopping at Wal Mart, you need this app. All you do is scan your receipt in the app and let them check competitors’ prices. If they find a lower price for any item you’ve purchased, you get the difference back.

Not surprisingly, there are many retired people here who enjoy the sea views and who are often to be seen walking their dogs on the cliff tops and undercliff. No doubt the pleasant environment will have have increased the value of housing here. Fortunately, most of the houses are set back from the cliff and there is a greensward separating them from the edge.

I haven’t talked to anybody yet, so I can’t say whether their customer service is something they could work on. They are definitely selling a product and some salespeople are more aggressive than others or better trained and capable of doing their job than others. I think what we have to worry about are the terms in which they get these 0% line of credits, the time span for those lines of credits (LOC), whether their 60 day money back is legit or not.

The similarity in both of these cases above is that someone used some simple profiling to attempt to get information about another person. In the first one, the attempt was unsuccessful; in the second one it was successful. This is the basic use of social engineering to gain information on someone else.