This type of teaching had people in two churches I attended focused on themselves by cutting off those they believed could hinder their blessings. Instead of being concerned about their hearts and treating others right, many were going around talking about how anointed they were. Single women were saying they were preparing for God to send them the perfect husband and sadly a few died without ever getting married.

Subtle changes in body position arching the back, moving an arm or leg let wingsuit pilots control their speed, from as little as 40 mph to a record top of 225 mph. Flights can extend for several miles and minutes before the pilot opens a parachute to come in for a safe landing. Wingsuits can also be steered with enough precision for so called proximity flying, soaring close to buildings and mountain ridges.

Then we have Tristan Langley, the son of Nikki McKibbin, the second runner up of Idol’s inaugural season. Tristan (who seems to eschew his mother’s sense of style, which can only be described as Meth Addict Chic, by being super clean cut) was hard not to root for, especially after the clips of him as a four old running to the Idol stage to present his mother with a rose. But despite his lineage, Tristan is clearly not ready for American Idol.

Still, why wolves? Why were these people crossed with wolf mythology? There were other predators at the time, and many other paranormal beasts, so why wolves? It wasn’t just Europeans, in Egypt the ancient Egyptians worshipped Annubis the jackal headed God and in the modern United States the Dog Man of Michigan is still popular. It’s interesting that people around the globe would pick cannids to mix mankind with, wild cannids in particular. I’m not sure how this could be blamed on genetic memory but it is a common global mythology and as such should be respected and studied for it’s significance..

It was not immediately clear what Guerra’s next job would be, one of the sources said, adding that the 54 year old could leave as early as this week.Given a successful track record that made him one of Italy’s most respected senior executives, Guerra may be headed for another top job at a consumer company, with one source saying he had been in contact with a major luxury goods group.Eataly declined to comment.Guerra took on his position at Eataly in October 2015, a year after a clash with Luxottica founder Leonardo Del Vecchio led to his departure from the maker of Ray Ban and Oakley sunglasses.At Luxottica, he was credited with mentoring a team of top notch senior managers, most of whom left in his wake to take top roles at luxury goods groups such as Cucinelli or Loro Piana, the cashmere brand owned by LVMH.Prior to joining Eataly, Guerra had been tapped by then Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi as a senior adviser to the Democratic Party leader on business and finance matters.Eataly, which Guerra has been working to prime for a potential stock market listing, recently named as chief executive Nicola Farinetti, one of the three sons of the company’s founder. (Reporting by Valentina Za and James Mackenzie)Article Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: Former Luxottica boss Guerra to leave high end food chain Eataly sources Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn TumblrShare this article in your social network Share via email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open more share options CloseShare this Story: Former Luxottica boss Guerra to leave high end food chain Eataly sources Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn TumblrArticle CommentsCommentsPostmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site.