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The company also made some upgrades to the sound quality, adding additional microphones and improved drivers. It’s a noticeable difference, but not hugely so. Music still sounds pretty good just not great, which is to be expected with wireless earbuds.

“Let’s say that’s the case (that Oakley has a problem with alcohol), I don’t know if that’s the case or not, I’ve known Oak, I’ve never known him to have a drinking problem. But let’s just say that he did. You would reach out and try to help that person instead of trying to put him down in public,” Childs said.

Tennis’ Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal:Oh, the timing would have to be just right to get all four superstars together, but you would have two rivalries in a single day. Mickelson and Woods have certainly had their rivalry, but Federer and Nadal might actually match that long term rivalry. Woods and Federer together would be something for sports fans to behold..

First things first, you will need a bicycle and a turbo trainer. As previously mentioned, a dedicated smart trainer will provide a far more immersive experience than merely adapting your classic turbo trainer. There are a ton of different smart trainers available, from cheaper wheel on models to pricier direct drive units.

We are almost halfway throught the NFL football season and as a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, the Cleveland Browns are not a favorite of mine as we are rivals. But this year the Browns are very bad I feel sorry for them. I was in Cleveland recently and the stadium is right near downtown.

Harper admits a lack of ready cash probably slowed the growth of her business, which sold about $30,000 worth of product in its first year and is on track to sell $300,000 this year.This October, she welcomed a $350,000 investment by Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, whose mandate is to support Indigenous values and social enterprises. She had quit her day job a few months prior to receiving the investment and has since been able to focus on rapidly scaling her business and reducing costs.been able to think about strategy and growth, Harper said. That something I could never do when I was working my other job as well.