I love to play around with scarves to find many different ways to wear them. YouTubers have been very helpful with that. =) There are an array of shapes and sizes of scarves that make styling them on the head fun. I encourage you to reevaluate your expectations for your marriage. It’s common for women and men to enter marriage with unrealistic or, at best, clouded expectations that come from childhood dreams, popular novels, movies, and television programs. People want and demand perfection.

Work commute is not an issue. My husband and I both work from home. The biggest issue in that respect is that we hope to find a quiet area or a house with a basement. Moreover, there was nothing to suggest that these dinosaurs would throw off their humble shackles, grow, diversify and come to dominate the planet for so long. Their fortunes changed entirely in just 40 million years, in a period known as the Mid Jurassic. For over a century, scientists have searched for answers as to why the dinosaurs transformed so dramatically, but the biggest problem was that fossils from the Mid Jurassic are extremely rare..

Decades of research stemming from Csikszentmihalyi’s original ESM experiments validate that the act of going deep orders the consciousness in a way that makes life worthwhile.”Newport, Cal. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (p. 85).

Annie has a strong chart, one that may have prompted her to choose her course early and stick with it. She has a Leo Sun conjunct Saturn, perfect for a serious showperson in a line that requires strict control and discipline she embodied this configuration. The Sun is opposed Chiron, suggesting that she may have chosen very early to reject the idea of herself as wounded, or a victim, even though her early life was tough in some respects.

After a day at the trampoline park, the family got together to watch a movie. Three of the boys grabbed a piece of cake on the kitchen table it wasn’t purchased by the Debbs, it was a gift basket from a family friend. The cake did not come with a food label..

Keep your yard’s brightness level in mind while choosing a projector. If you aren’t worried about ambient light like you live in a rural area with very little light pollution, for example, or your backyard is far away from your neighbors brightness may not be your biggest concern. If you anticipate environmental light getting in the way, though, go for one of the brighter options on the list.