When a video surfaced of defending Masters golf tournament champion Bubba Watson cruising down the fairway on his Oakley sponsored hovercraft, the world took notice: It’s been seen by more than 60 million people after being covered by ABC, CNN, ESPN and countless websites.It’s been such a big hit, in fact, that despite the video turning out to be a stunt by viral marketer Thinkmodo, the manufacturer is moving ahead with plans to sell the vehicle to the public.Neoteric Hovercraft President Chris Fitzgerald told Yahoo News he plans to produce up to 140 of the hovercraft models this year and has had to push back his company’s other production orders to keep up with surging demand.”He’s actually forced to do it because he’s getting so many inquiries,” Thinkmodo’s Michael Krivicka told Yahoo News. “He’s kind of a celebrity now because of it. Millionaires from Russia are calling him, placing orders.”Other than for the obvious cool factor, why would someone spend upward of $50,000 on a golf cart hovercraft?Fitzgerald acknowledged that it’s largely a novelty, but he said there are a few legitimate reasons.

There are homeless and destitute and heartbroken everywhere. They aren’t unicorns that you’ll never find just look out your car window at intersections. We live in so much turmoil and uncertainty that you don’t have have to invent stress for any of us.

Still, ceiling fans, built in screened louvers and a funky 40s hassock fan come in handy during transitional seasons. That 50’s design is what they most love about their house, Marshall succinctly and emphatically says. Tooke agrees.. Above all else, you should have fun with it. Don try to emulate what you seen other scrapbookers doing, because this is 100% your project. Include recipes that you love and pictures that mean something to you.

Three playing cards are known as “one eyed Jacks,” though one of them is a King. The Jacks of hearts and spades; and the King of diamonds are shown in profile while the rest of the face cards are shown full face. And the King of hearts is the only King with no mustache..

As to movies, I tend to agree with you, but there have been a few that showed the grittier, sad, and heart wrenching side as well; “Saving Private Ryan” comes to mind, as does, surprisingly enough, the original “MASH” movie. Peppered though it was with the gallows humor, it showed plenty of the human cost of war, and the effects on the people who had to deal with it. The surgeons made jokes because it was their only way to cope and maintain their sanity..